Friday, March 1, 2013

Gone Fishin' with Polynomials!

Today, my students were taking a quiz on polynomials (including classifying and all operations). After we did a scavenger hunt to practice the skills, we played my favorite review game ever, "Gone Fishin". It's the perfect game when you are trying to review many concepts, because I organize them by color. Red fish are classifying polynomials, yellow fish are adding and subtracting polynomials, green fish are multiplying polynomials (FOIL), and blue fish are dividing polynomials by a monomial. The fish really swim around the screen, and students use a Koosh ball to aim for them.

Here are some pictures, and a short video that shows the game:



I gave them a worksheet that was also organized by color/type of problem. 
We did five of each problem to make sure they understood everything. 
Here is what one of my student's papers looked like when she was done:

We took the quiz after we finished.  I'm happy to say that they "got it" :)