Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Special Weekend Mathematical Co-Sale!

21st Century Math Projects + All Things Algebra = ONE MEGA SALE!

Hello there, fellow math loves!

I hope the back to school dust has started to settle and the summer-to-school transition has been a smooth one.  Now that we are in the daily groove, I wanted to let you know of a MEGA sale and introduce you to a fellow secondary math seller with stellar resources.

Clint from 21st Century Projects and I are having a Special Weekend Mathematical Co-Sale!

If you aren't already following Clint, you need to be!!  Click this:

What's so awesome about Clint?  Clint has found a way to create projects that incorporate critical thinking, problem solving, real world rigor, and relevant pop culture that students can relate to.  Clint’s CSI Projects draw the attention of even the most reluctant learners.  They are excited, engaged, and motivated to learn and apply concepts so that they can be the ones to “solve the mystery.”  Clint also brings social awareness and makes interdisciplinary connections through his “Person Puzzles.”  These are AWESOME- for me, they are the perfect warm-up to review skills, all while learning about the background and contributions of a significant figure.  Clint is incredibly talented, and if you haven’t browsed his store, definitely head on over there now.  You will be very impressed by his creativity.

CO-SALE DETAILS!!!! Clint and I are both putting our individual items on sale for 20% off this weekend and our monster bundles at 10% off (since they are already wicked sweet deals already).

For those that have purchased my materials and have left such wonderful feedback, I wanted to stop and say thank you.  Your support and kind words motivate me to keep creating and improving.  If you ever have questions or requests, email me anytime,

Thank you!